by ongnphuong - Phuong Ong

"Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see, into your imagination. There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free, if you truly wish to be."

Art is a way of survival.

My life is painting, take the pain, throw it away.

"Nothing's gonna change my world."


Credits: Enrico Zannelli

Credits: Enrico Zannelli

Do what you feel, wear what you want, eat to feel   r  e  a  l.

"All I want is to be at peace within myself and towards others. To finally feel okay with everything and everyone."

            The Pretty Lights, the Ugly Truth. 

Credits: Marcello Masiero

Credits: Marcello Masiero

“To me, drawing and painting is a maniacal necessity that comes from the awareness that three hundred and sixty-five days a year stained, dug and wounded my skin. There is something very important that we lose growing up. I paint, take the pain, throw it away. I like to work with different mediums, preferring inks and watercolors. My constant work is mostly about women’s world and Nature, often focused on self portraits views.” 

My Happiness that money can't buy



"Penso che il disegno e la pittura siano stati la mia salvezza, l'unico modo per salvarmi dall'essere infelice."


Phuong è un'artista italiana di origini vietnamite.

E' nata il 13 Luglio 1991 a Cento (Ferrara). Inizia il suo percorso artistico frequentando il Liceo Artistico "Ex" Arturo Martini (ora Antonio Canova) di Vicenza-indirizzo Grafico Figurativo. Attualmente risiede a Vicenza e frequenta il corso di Pittura all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. Ha esposto e partecipa a varie mostre e collettive sia nel vicentino che in territorio nazionale e internazionale.

Dipinge prevalentemente acquerelli su carta e dipinti ad olio o acrilico su tela e legno.

Lavora anche su commissione.

"Ritraggo essenzialmente donne in momenti di attesa: figure femminili colte nella loro nuda personalità. Tema capitale dei miei lavori è il rapporto fra la donna e la Natura."


"Disegnare e dipingere sono per me una maniacale necessità che nasce anche dalla consapevolezza che trecentosessantacinque giorni l’anno hanno macchiato, scavato e ferito la mia pelle. C'è qualcosa di molto importante che perdiamo crescendo."










Ngoc Phuong Ong was born in Italy in 1991.

Ngoc Phuong is an italian freelance painter, illustrator, photomodel and performer with vietnamese origins, currently based in Vicenza, Italy. 

She started painting when she was 4 after saw her dad paint a beautiful red rose and later, her art path started during high school at Liceo Artistico Ex Arturo Martini (Vicenza) and then by attending the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.

Since 2009 she has exposed her works worldwide in galleries, fairs and international festivals. 

She often collaborates with the Treviso Comic Book Festival, No Title Gallery and some local associations and magazines.

Her poetics is a constant pursuit of identity, balance and beauty in everyday life, rendered through oil and watercolor painting on paper, wood and canvas.

Currently based in Vicenza